About Us

 Who is Carolina Ignition?

Carolina Ignition is the perfect blend of honky-tonk country music to rockin’ out your Saturday night! We cover your favorite songs and even break out a few of our own! Fresh out of Rockingham County NC, this band is the new kid on the block and is ready to beat doors down! Our goal is to let our audience have just as much fun as we are.

We won’t take no for an answer and we WILL liven up the party!

Meet The Band

Kaleb Overby

Lead Vocalist/Guitarist

“I started Carolina Ignition because it’s been my dream ever since I was 8. Music is more than just my hobby, it’s my passion. Collaborating with the most talented people I’ve ever met, it’s absolutely a dream come true.”


Jesse Hodges


“I love music, because it makes any day a better day! I love being part of a wonderful group of guys that have become family. Seeing our music grow better each day, is why I chose Carolina Ignition.”


Jacob Newell


“Music has been a part of my life since I was about 10 or so. Without it, I feel lost. I went without it for about 6 months and didn’t feel the same. I enjoy being able to play great music with a group that has become close enough that I can call them family. That’s what put me in Carolina Ignition.”

Kevin Morton


Want to book us?

Contact Us! We will get you on our calendar!